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To learn more about Flex Modifications and other workout options for borrowers with fannie mae loans, like repayment plans and forbearance agreements, go to Fannie Mae’s Know Your options website. learn More. To get more information about Fannie Mae and how it works, go to the Fannie Mae website.

30 Year Conforming Fixed Loan fha vs conventional loans Should I Get an FHA or Conventional Loan? | – In 2018, 74% of all mortgage loans were conventional loans.1 But, should you get an FHA or conventional loan and which program makes the.What you need to know about private mortgage insurance – Unlike private mortgage insurance on conforming loans, you can't drop FHA. Loan-to-Value, 30-year fixed, 15-year fixed, Monthly payment.

Find the answers to common questions concerning your mortgage and the various options to avoid foreclosure.

All of Fannie Mae’s filings are available on the SEC’s website, located under "Federal National Mortgage Association." Section 16 filings by Fannie Mae’s directors and certain executives are also available on the SEC’s website. Note: For 15Ga-1 filings, please visit the SEC’s website. (E-mail alerts do not include 15Ga-1 filings.)

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Jumbo Loan Vs Regular But what if you get a second home mortgage? Does it matter what you use it for. (This is something to consider for anyone trying to finance a seven-figure property. See Jumbo Vs. Conventional.

Find Fannie Mae contact information for Single-Family and Multifamily business activities.

Whether you’re first starting to experience difficulties or you’re already in default, the site has the information and advice you need. The site, which is affiliated with Fannie Mae, is a credible, comprehensive collection of information to help you through your situation.

Loan Modification-Alex's Story (Homeowner):  Know Your Options The mortgage agency and U.S. military say they don’t know how many are struggling with their mortgages. Fannie Mae spokeswoman amy bonitatibus. mortgage payment or obviously pursue other housing.

So it’s no wonder the news that Fannie Mae would make it easier for homeowners to swap. In other words, it’s complicated, so if you’re considering your options, it’s probably wise to consult a fina.

WARNING: Please note that Fannie Mae does not use text messaging or Google chat services for job screening or interviews with potential candidates. If you apply to a position at Fannie Mae and meet the requirements, a Fannie Mae recruiter may be in touch by phone or through email on a Fannie Mae email address.

Fannie Mae has been developing the Know Your options customer care program for approximately one year and is already implementing it with 18 of its largest servicers.

View Michele Murray’s profile on LinkedIn, Business Integration Specialist at Fannie Mae. Location. Know Your Options Customer Care Fannie Mae.